About Boxzilla

Boxzilla is built by the same people that work on MailChimp for WordPress. We’re a fully distributed team, meaning that we’re all working on our plugins from different parts of the world!

Somewhere in 2012, our founder Danny built a small little plugin which did something quite new at the time: slide in a box once a visitor scrolled down far enough on your pages.

The plugin was called "Qoate Scroll Triggered Box" and got to about 10.000 users before it was replaced by Boxzilla, which you're looking at right now!

About Our Team

So.. Who's behind Boxzilla? Meet our team!

Team Member

Danny van Kooten

Founder & Lead Developer

Danny fell in love with coding as a teenager. Coming from a family of entrepeneurs, selling software was a natural choice for him.

In his spare time, Danny likes to enjoy food, read books or drive motorcycles.

Team Member

Harish Chouhan

Happiness Hero

Harish is awesome, but Danny thought he should write a little more than just that. He is working alongside Ines, delivering happiness to your inboxes at an incredible speed.

With Harish’ eye for detail, nothing goes unnoticed.

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