This is where we occasionally post news or tips related to the Boxzilla plugin.

Boxes for specific screen widths

by Danny

Boxzilla always allowed you to hide a box for screen sizes smaller than a specified pixel amount, which you could specify in the box settings.

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Pop-ups that Google will love (not penalise!)

by Danny

Earlier this year, Google announced that sites where content is not easily accessible to the user may not rank as highly in mobile search results. This in an effort to help mobile users more easily access the content that they’re looking for.

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Boxzilla 3.1. Performance & unobtrusiveness.

by Danny

We released version 3.1 of the Boxzilla plugin. While the updated version does not come with many new features, it is an important update with lots of behind-the-scenes work paving the way for future updates.

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Hello Boxzilla

by Danny

Hey! We’re happy and proud to be able to introduce you to the Boxzilla Plugin, formerly known as Scroll Triggered Boxes.

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