Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Generally, over half of the people that leave your website will never come back for a return visit. Lowering this number by even a few percent will have a huge impact on your site's conversion rate.

This is where the Exit Intent add-on for Boxzilla comes in to play.

Boxzilla's exit-intent technology will monitor user behavior and detect when they are about to leave your site. You can then show these visitors a targeted pop-up at just the right time.

Exit Intent in action

The following animation demonstrates the trigger. The visitors skims the article, proceeds to leave and is then shown a pop-up reeling them in.

Exit Intent in action.

Enabling Exit Intent

After installing & activating this add-on plugin, enabling exit intent is as simple as ticking a box on the page where you edit your box.

Exit Intent setting in box options.

Selecting the "exit intent" option will enable exit-intent detection as the trigger method for that pop-up.

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Installing Exit Intent

Check out our installation guide for step-by-step instructions on how to install and activate this functionality.

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