Google Analytics - Event Tracking

Using the Google Analytics add-on for Boxzilla, you can track all interactions with a box using Events.

The add-on will send an Event with additional information to Google Analytics for each time a box shows or is interacted with (a link is clicked or a form is submitted). This allows for advanced tracking and shows you how well exactly a box is performing.

The following data is taken from the Boxzilla demo site.

Tracking box statistics

For each time a box is opened or dismissed, an event is created in Google Analytics.

Tracking box interactions

Besides just showing the number of times a box was showed or dismissed, interactions with the box content (your content!) are also tracked.

For each click on a link inside the box _or_ form that is submitted, an event is sent to Google Analytics.

Installing Google Analytics

Check out our installation guide for step-by-step instructions on how to install and activate this functionality.

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