The MailChimp add-on plugin for Boxzilla connects the MailChimp for WordPress plugin with Boxzilla.

Don't show boxes to people that previously subscribed

You can already use the MailChimp for WordPress plugin to show a sign-up form inside your boxes. However, you don't want to be showing your visitors a pop-up asking them to subscribe if they have already done so.

There is nothing to be gained and it will only be annoying for your visitors.

This add-on allows you to hide a pop-up for visitors that subscribed to your MailChimp list already.

Hiding a pop-up for MailChimp subscribers

After installing & activating the MailChimp add-on, you'll have access to a new option on the page where you edit your Boxzilla box.

MailChimp setting in WP Admin

Enabling this option will prevent the box from showing up for people that previously subscribed using any form on your site.

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Installing MailChimp

Check out our installation guide for step-by-step instructions on how to install and activate this functionality.

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